Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lynne`s book in progress

  About 35% completed, I still need to add some more power lines & details to emphasize the wolf man, and I haven`t stared to draw his clothe either...

  I`m so exhausted now, will continute my drawing in the next morning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My book theme is not so poetic

  My moly theme would be technology, computers, universe....., and this is my book for the group, I`m in the mood of drawing these days(ha you may feel it from my works or blog lately).

  WELL you guys already knew that this one was supposed to be my entry in the begining, but I was kinda mess up this drawing, though repairing moly was not easy I still decided to remove it from my book, and start a new one. (I didn`t throw this away, instead of that I put it in my portfolio)

New entry....
pencil, chalk and acrylic

Thursday, November 6, 2008

moly 54

moly 54
Originally uploaded by paintistworks I had a day,all to myself and my book arrived this morning :-) My theme is 'no theme', I would just like to see what happens , my other books have had a theme so I fancied a change

I have been reading Angela Carters 'The company of Wolves" so was inspired by that.

'Beware of windfallen apples and of men whose eyebrows meet.'' She
also knows a thing or two about wolves. ''The worst kind of wolf is
hairy on the inside,'' she says. ''The wolf who ate your sister was
hairy on the outside, and took her straight to heaven.''

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Changing the mailing order

We recieved a ask to change the mailing order.
Following the new mailing rotation:
Benedikt Rohlmann => Cristiano Lissoni => Jose Antonio Gonzalez => Lynne Lamb => Occam`s razor: Joyce => Marty Harris => Ramires(me :-) Benedikt Rohlmann ...
Thaks a lot, if all are confortable let's start our great party :-))

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The theme for my book will be "USA".

I am hoping that this theme will stir up some real attitude. Please work mostly in red, white , blue and black. Thanks.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hi people, I'm proud of our fantastic worldwide group. Thanks Marty for your great help.
I suggest the following mailing rotation: Benedikt Rohlmann => Cristiano Lissoni => Jose Antonio Gonzalez => Lynne Lamb => Marty Harris => Ramires(me :-) Occam`s razor: Joyce => Benedikt Rohlmann .
I tried to make it logical so shipping costs would be as minimal as possible with "continental concentrations" But if you have any other suggestions ok for me. Marty what do you think?
Thanks a lot you all are great, great artists.

Here we go!

Welcome everyone. What a great group. I can hardly wait to get your books in the mail. I love being part of such an intimidating bunch of artists.

If any of you have any questions or comments, I (we) will be happy to help.

Buona fortuna.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome to moly_x_54!

Moly_x_54, founded by Ramires (Brasil), is an extension of the Moleskine Exchange. This blog will follow the adventure of a group of artists around the world, in a Japanese fold Moleskine sketchbook exchange. Our current group includes the artists listed to the right, including contributors in many different countries all over the world.

Each artist will set off with a small Japanese (accordian) folded Moleskine. Creating a drawing, collage, or painting, then send on to the next artist. Each artist will draw on a couple of spreads (3-4 pages) then send it on to the next artist. When the artists book is filled, it will be returned to the owner with images created by artist around the world. Each artist has a month (give or take) to make an entry. The outcome will be a pleasant and surprising adventure, as artists are encouraged to interact and merge their art with others.

The concept:

1. The artists start with the Japanese fold Moleskine - Name, address, email address written in book.

2. Each artist gets 1 month (give or take) to make a sketchbook entry, and mail it to the next person. The order is listed to the right -- for participants in this exchange, look at the list of names under MAILING ORDER. If you ever need to update addresses, please feel free to contact your partners directly! An important part of this project is to discuss and exchange information and ideas.

3. Each artist will do 3-4 pages each round.

4. Artists are encouraged to interact with other images in the book. Please be respectful, but also don't hesitate to meld your art with earlier entries.

5. When the book is full, when one side of the unfolded book is filled, the book will be sent back to its original owner. That artist may continue by buying a new book and sending it to the next person.

6. If a person decides not to continue, she will simply keep her book when it comes back to her. She should email all of the participants to say she is not going to continue. We will decide, then, if we want to find a new person.

7. Please communicate regularly via email. Let each person know that you have received/sent the book. The goal is to have a dialogue. Any comments and questions are welcome.

This moly_x_project was begun by Marty Harris, Minnesota, USA.