Monday, November 3, 2008


Hi people, I'm proud of our fantastic worldwide group. Thanks Marty for your great help.
I suggest the following mailing rotation: Benedikt Rohlmann => Cristiano Lissoni => Jose Antonio Gonzalez => Lynne Lamb => Marty Harris => Ramires(me :-) Occam`s razor: Joyce => Benedikt Rohlmann .
I tried to make it logical so shipping costs would be as minimal as possible with "continental concentrations" But if you have any other suggestions ok for me. Marty what do you think?
Thanks a lot you all are great, great artists.


Lynne said...

Hi! Wow what a great group! I have a it free theme, or is there a group theme?

Marty Harris said...

I love this group. Lynne, I think it works best if each person chooses a theme for themselves, or no theme.
I personally do not have any brilliant ideas, yet.

Ramires said...

Lynne, I agree with Marty. Anyway thats will be a great expierence. I love that opportunity.

Occam`s razor said...

wow the group start so fast!

Ramires, I just reply your flickr mail, hope you won`t mine me ask to change mailing list.