Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The theme for my book will be "USA".

I am hoping that this theme will stir up some real attitude. Please work mostly in red, white , blue and black. Thanks.


Occam`s razor said...

It sounds like a pretty serious theme isn`t it?

Marty Harris said...

How scary can it be? You draw USA TV everyday.

Could be fun. Could be thought provoking. Could be irritating, even enraging. I love my country. That doesn't mean I am not ashamed of it or angry with it now and again.

Ride with me.

Marty Harris said...

Actually, as silly as it may sound, I think it would be GREAT if each artist's book had his or her own country as the theme. I think the outcome would be outstanding.

Ramires said...

That's a great and challenger theme, talk (and listen)about our countries and the world frontiers with diferent point of views... Moly_X Rocks :-))