Thursday, November 6, 2008

moly 54

moly 54
Originally uploaded by paintistworks I had a day,all to myself and my book arrived this morning :-) My theme is 'no theme', I would just like to see what happens , my other books have had a theme so I fancied a change

I have been reading Angela Carters 'The company of Wolves" so was inspired by that.

'Beware of windfallen apples and of men whose eyebrows meet.'' She
also knows a thing or two about wolves. ''The worst kind of wolf is
hairy on the inside,'' she says. ''The wolf who ate your sister was
hairy on the outside, and took her straight to heaven.''


Marty Harris said...

It's a love/hate thing now. I love your work, but hate that you have time to do it.

What if I have windfallen apples AND eyebrows that meet? Yikes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

No theme works very well for me.

Marty Harris said...

I can hardly wait to see where Joyce goes with this.

Lynne said...

May your apples always stay firm on the tree Marty ;-p

I am looking forward to seeing where Joyce goes with it too....very excited actually......

Ramires said...

Wonderfull work Lynne, thanks for share your great talent in our group :-))

Occam`s razor said...

This is absolutely fantastic! I love the color and the atmosohere.

I`m sooooo stresssed!!!!!

Lynne said...

oh wow...why so stressed....nothing to do with my book I hope !?!
it will take a week or so to get to you, so I hope things will be calmer when it arrives....have a relaxing weekend :-)

pearpicker said...

wow, this looks great!

(i already ordered my moly, but it didn't arrive yet.)

Anna Denise said...

LOVE this entry! Very beautiful!

Anonymous said...

looks great ;D, looks like this is gonna be a real challenge to keep up with the quality