Monday, November 23, 2009


okay blame me! I still got Ramires`s book on my hand*wave white flag*, and I also have another book from moly_x portrait8, it`s been like monthes passed I still add nothing to both book..
and yes I do have many school works but technically I`m not that busy since I didn`t take many courses this semester, I spent most of times sitting in my apartment and thinking, wondering what to do next, I`m thinking to transfering school again and even to other department, to English or probably Spanish department I don`t know, and it`s a bit confusing since I don`t wanna give up my art, and you know sometimes even you have time to draw you just don`t have the feeling to draw, annnnywaaaay
I`m still in the game so don`t kick me out just because I haven`t been updated for awhile.

please feel free to nudge me anytime


USA Soda Bottle Caps

This book is so spectacular!! As I have said, it is going to be in an exhibit in Minneapolis during December. There were two pages remaining to fill in the book, so I nailed a bottle cap collection into it. As terrific as this book is, I thought it could use a little something to make it flow. Everyone played so nicely side by side that the images didn't flow into one another. I nailed these bottle caps throughout the books. We'll see how cool it looks when all 9.5 feet of it is up in the exhibit. Thank you all so much.

I plan to use it to promote moly_x and other projects. I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hi Folks

Just checking in.....I think I have worked in everyones book except for there and moly movement likely soon? We are so close to everyone getting their own books back, it would be a great way to end the year........