Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bridges and Ducks - Jose's Book

Mixed media - Pencil ,Pen and collage from an old digitalized book.
Dear friends
I live in São Paulo, the largest south American city, but I'm from Porto Alegre, the (little) capital city of Rio Grande do Sul state.
Every year with spring beginning we can see the ducks arriving from the north and passing over Guaiba lake going to "Lagoa dos Patos" - something like "Ducks Lagoon" - an other hundred of small lakes in the south of Rio Grande do Sul, Uruguay and Argentina.
One week after Marty show his "ducks entry" here in the blog I visit Porto Alegre for a job and by coincidence I saw the ducks coming and took a photo. (see the line on the picture beside)
That's why I decide to draw my two beloved cities using two important bridges to represent her.
To represent São Paulo I draw the modern Octávio Frias de Oliveira Bridge - aka "Ponte Estaiada"  (1km from home)
To represent Porto Alegre I draw the old Guaiba's bridge, a traditional Porto Alegre post card.
To Moly X, ducks and bridges natural barriers or geopolitcal borders don't represent a problem :-)
Sorry for the late and the simple work, I use only what I have available in my office desk.
Thank you all for your stunned art.


Anonymous said...

"simple work"
that could be putted in question, dont think thats simple, and it matches the book progression very well,
what can I say? its looking better and better with every entry =D
and soon its gonna be on my hands again, when I have it I plan to do some final addittion like Marty did, a way to make it even more "flowing"
ahhhhh cant wait

Ramires said...

Nice to know you like my friend, thanks for the kind words.