Monday, November 23, 2009

USA Soda Bottle Caps

This book is so spectacular!! As I have said, it is going to be in an exhibit in Minneapolis during December. There were two pages remaining to fill in the book, so I nailed a bottle cap collection into it. As terrific as this book is, I thought it could use a little something to make it flow. Everyone played so nicely side by side that the images didn't flow into one another. I nailed these bottle caps throughout the books. We'll see how cool it looks when all 9.5 feet of it is up in the exhibit. Thank you all so much.

I plan to use it to promote moly_x and other projects. I will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

I like the caps, I thought we made a good integration trough images tho,

yes we could have mixed more, but at least for me every entry was so well done I feel nervous even with thinking of adding something on top

this book is indeed espectacular, show us pics when its in the exhibition!

Occam`s razor said...

haha I agree with Jose I think everyone did a fantastic job in the book but the caps fit pretty well on these pages, and they looks very realistic(thought they were paintings at first), love your illustration Marty.

can`t wait to see some pics from the show

Marty Harris said...

F1X+2, I agree with all my heart. Some books are like that. The art is so good the I hate to cover any bit of it up.

Please, never think that I don't absolutely love it, and the effort that has gone into it.

I wrote to Beá. Her's is the last entry before the bottle caps. I told her that this is exactly what I hoped moly_x would be.

I will take photos.

Anonymous said...

Of course marty,

but in every exchange I come across the same thing you mention, I feel the entrys need more interaction,

Im thinking this interaction we all long for will be achieved with time when people know each other better and get confident to "overwritte" entrys
or something like that

anyway, I dont have any complain either, this group is really awesome

Marty Harris said...

In moly_x_71, we all agreed to spread our art throughout the books. There is a lot of interaction already. These are people who are moly_x veterans, people who are very comfortable with each other. It does seem to help to make an announcement at the beginning that you want everyone to try to make their artwork flow into other art.

I usually paint an area that begs to have someone go over it, usually a big black area. I have actually put a post-it note in the book asking people to pain over areas. Permission helps to. You and I draw enough pictures in our life to risk having people paint over our moly pictures. Don't you think? Respect and trust are key.

Marty Harris said...

I am very proud of this group.

Anonymous said...

indeed, agree with all you stated

also about interaction, there is a warm feeling when someone adds or draws on top of your drawing as it tells you message, like the other person understood the drawing or understood it in a different way, there is a lot of feelings mixed and going trough on how someone "completes" your drawing

thats why im also pro-interaction, =)
actually I said I was out for the next round cause of time/money schedule but im gonna keep going make and ultra effort and put all this we talked here into practise

Ramires said...

I love all of that wonderfull project, and this book is one the great pieces.
I love the "full Interaction" concept too :-)

Ramires said...

Marty, I love the Bottle caps too, in Brasil we call "tampinhas".