Monday, November 23, 2009


okay blame me! I still got Ramires`s book on my hand*wave white flag*, and I also have another book from moly_x portrait8, it`s been like monthes passed I still add nothing to both book..
and yes I do have many school works but technically I`m not that busy since I didn`t take many courses this semester, I spent most of times sitting in my apartment and thinking, wondering what to do next, I`m thinking to transfering school again and even to other department, to English or probably Spanish department I don`t know, and it`s a bit confusing since I don`t wanna give up my art, and you know sometimes even you have time to draw you just don`t have the feeling to draw, annnnywaaaay
I`m still in the game so don`t kick me out just because I haven`t been updated for awhile.

please feel free to nudge me anytime



Marty Harris said...

Have fun. Don't you love the kites?

Marty Harris said...

Hey, Joyce! Is this the book you just sent to me? Cuz I can't find here in my house. I'm worried that I misplaced it somewhere in this bottomless pit.

Ramires said...

Marty Joyce sent the book only two or tree days ago :-)