Friday, June 26, 2009

A postcard from Syria

I like think to offer at this group one page of my diary.


Marty Harris said...

Fabulous entry. Interesting trip. Apparently you had a very good time. Good for you. Did you have company on your trip? How long did you stay in Syria? Did you go anywhere else? Do you know people in Syria?

cristiano said...

Thanks Marty,
We travel without agency, Travel in Syria it's very easy with the public bus.
The poeple are very very very friendly,
In Europe we have a vision not real about this country.
Every day we are invited from Sirian people to drink a tea ,coffe and sometimes to eat. Very hospital with strange people.
The food was deliciuos, not like Italy, but ... :)
We stayed in Syria eleven days and one week in Jordan, another interesting country.

Lynne said...

what a wonderful experience you have had! The postcard is a great entry in this moleskine :-)

Occam`s razor said...

This is really lovely
I like your city sketchs, they`re beautiful, and the collage is great too, well combination.
Glad you had a nice trip in Syria :)

Anonymous said...

awesome entry and cool stuff to read about the trip :>
this is coming to me now yarr time to think what to offer..

Ramires said...

Cristiano, absolutely fantastic, I love your "postcard" in any details. Thanks a lot my friend!!!