Monday, June 8, 2009

Ill Bill

Finished the entry on Marty's moly. Will send to Lynne asap.

I've never been in USA, and I dont know much about from direct experience, so I thought I would draw something about music, I like rap and of course USA is still unbeaten (spelling) when it comes to that style, though we have some really good dudes here in Spain (few)
So here is what comes around rap, money, violence, hate, but also lyrical skills and mastery of the rythm and mesure, but overall competition, and a lot of acting and creating ficticious characters, and Ill Bill is a good representation of that

So hope you like it Marty ;)


Marty Harris said...

This book is fantastic. Jose, Christiano, thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful work. It's looking mighty american. I can hardly wait to see what Lynne and Jackie have to add.

I want to enter this book, or a print of it, into a show in October at a local gallery called Altered Esthetics. Check it out.

Ramires said...

Beautiful artwork Jose, that's a fantastic book.
Great notice Marty.

Anonymous said...


glad that you like the entry then

and cool to hear about the expo, hope the book arrives in time !

Occam`s razor said...

I rarely listen to Hip-pop!
what should I do?! XD

so is this moly going to into a show first then come back?

Marty Harris said...

The book is red white & blue, and it is called US of A. It is not about hip-hop necessarily. I want you to make a picture about the USA, something that interests YOU. It does not have to be a pleasant subject. It does not have to be about entertainment or current events. Anything you wish.

The book should be on its way to me before the show. You and Lynne will have drawn in it by then. I don't think I have to enter the actual book. I will probably scan it and show a nice print of it, if it gets in the show.

Please draw what pleases or irritates YOU about about the US of A.


Anonymous said...

Idd you can whatever you feel like about usa,
hip-hop part was just my "vision" of the theme :D

Anonymous said...

guys im on vacations for 1 week, see ya guys at the comeback :)