Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh here`s my circus

Hey folks! this is my entry to Cristiano`s moly, CIRCUS theme!
I was going to draw something in realism style as always but there`s another idea came to my mind, which made me want to do something different, I guess one of the reason is that I saw Jose`s and his firend`s drawings, I like their "graphic style". if you guys know what I`m saying.. :p

anyway I really hope you`ll like it Cristiano!

I`m going to send this book to Marty tomorrow.
oh wait, you folks might ask: how about Jose`s city moly?! where is it?
well.., the fact is I haven`t started it yet(don`t hit me Jose!!!), it`s still laying
on my desk waiting for me to start my entryXD.

I`m suffering for Blue Monday, the best way to cure is keeping drawing..



Lynne said...

Zap! pow ! all the fun of the fair ! wonderful entry Joyce :-)

Anonymous said...


the entry is very nice!, love to see that "manga" style

about my moly, dont worry take your time

Occam`s razor said...

Thanks guys!8D
I was just worried about the style, it looks out of tune with other moly entries...


Ramires said...

Very funny, wonderful!

cristiano said...

Funny work Joyce thank!

I prefer with color but it's the same. bye

Marty Harris said...

This is terrific! What can't you do, girl?

Marty Harris said...

I got this book in the mail yesterday. You're killing me Joyce. Last week I had 11 books. I got it down to 7, and now you bump it up to 8 again. This one may have to wait a week or two. Anyway, the book made it safely.

cristiano said...

someone of you knows where has gone my Moly circus? :)

Marty Harris said...

I have it. I will get to it soon. Sorry.