Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chimarrão (or Mate) - Acrilyc paint

Actually I live in São Paulo, but I'm from Rio Grande do Sul (extreme south of Brasil). Well In my state we drink a traditional tea from Guarany Indians andThose who share the mate join in a kind of bond of total acceptanceand friendship. Generally the server will start a new infusion andthen take the first drink. This is considered an act of kindness bythe other people in the circle, because usually the first serving isconsidered the worst.In my book I want to offer a symbolic Chimarrão to my dear friends of 54 group.Read more about chimarrão here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimarr%C3%A3o
Sorry for my late and thanks for your patience


Occam`s razor said...

woooo! I learn one more thing today!
this is so sweet Ramires:)
brilliant work as always! the ornamented of the drinkin' tube is beautiful, and so does the hand!



cristiano said...

I want paint like you! splendid!

Ramires I wait the Marty's Moly, I don't want that it lost in the Ocean :). Bye

Lynne said...

so you take the first 'drink' of your book? very nice idea :-)

Anonymous said...


that looks so damn good

=), and ill be glad to drink after cristiano!

Ramires said...

Thank you all for your kind words.
I'm proud to be a part of 54 group.
Cristiano I hope Tom Hanks deliver the book there someday :-)))
Well I'll track the pakage and I inform you.

Marco Crupi said...

Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you,
I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

benconservato said...

Beautiful piece!

Ramires said...

Thank you Emma

Marty Harris said...

I tasted this last night at a friends house here in minneapolis, Minnesota USA.My friend's son came in town from Argentina. He brought some home. I can taste the appeal.

Ramires said...

Dear Marty, the taste was too bitter for you? :-)) Our moly x-change have the same spirit, but is more sweet right?:-)

cristiano said...

Dear Ramires
your Moly Chimarrao it's here!
SPLENDID, every time.

I can't draw in this time but I hope early to bo continue.

Ramires said...

dear Cristiano, don't worry, Im happy because my book is in good hands now :-) Have a nice trip.
By the way I'll send Lynnes book to Jose and they will send to you after. Abraço