Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marty's Book - Stars and Stripes

Acrylic paint
I have a bunch of good references from USA culture, I love the music (blues and jazz - I play harmonica as hobby :-)
I love the art of Hopper, Pollock and Rockwell Illustrations... I love the sports (I was a Skateboarder)... I love the people and my north american friends...
But what talk about "war Industries" or arguments like "they have weapon of mass destruction" (read oil)...
I grew up in brazilian military dictatorship at 60's (the "lead years ") supported by Jonhson's administration with military and Inteligence personnel operating in Brasil. The same happens in Argentina, Chile, Paraguai...
Well I hope Barak be a different president with a different International politics. I can't express my Ideas and feelings in English so well :-P I hope my art can do that
Marty, thanks for the opportunity to work in your fantastic book.
I hope You understand me.
I use 3 Blues (Prussian, Ultramarine and Cerulean) and 3 Reds (Karmine, oxide or English Red and Naphtol medium) without mixing blues and reds.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Look what I got today.

Wow! What a beautiful start to this book. If we're continuing with the wolves and canines theme, this ought to be fun. Love this Lon Chaney Jr. Wolfman. I have my work cut out for me following Joyce and Lynne in this group.

Where's my book now?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jose`s moly arrive!

I received Jose`s moly two days ago while I was drawing in the afternoon :)
Thank you Lynne!! I always love how you decorate the parcel!
(sorry for the late post... I`ve been pretty sick recently...)

Have a creative weekend everyone!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dear friends, Sorry for my so long absence. I had a long period of professional and personal problems and I couldn't get online for my personal (and favorite :-)) subjects, but now I'm back to the Moly-x.
I received the fantastic Marty's book. I'll star work in my and Marty book in this week.
I Love Marty's subject and art.
I love all off your art here.
Sorry again and thanks a lot for your patience.