Sunday, February 1, 2009


Dear friends, Sorry for my so long absence. I had a long period of professional and personal problems and I couldn't get online for my personal (and favorite :-)) subjects, but now I'm back to the Moly-x.
I received the fantastic Marty's book. I'll star work in my and Marty book in this week.
I Love Marty's subject and art.
I love all off your art here.
Sorry again and thanks a lot for your patience.


Occam`s razor said...


Ramires said...


Marty Harris said...

It's all good.

Thanks for your generous comments.


Anonymous said...

hi there (this is Cirus/muevelapescueza/jose antonio) changed name to unify flickr/blog with my website aka

np Ramires :D looking forward for your entry