Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am so sorry that I have kept this so long. Not sure why this book fell between the cracks. José, I hope you like it. Migrating geese are delivering this book to Ramires on their migration south for the winter.


Ramires said...

Great work, I love the migration reference too.
Great book

Anonymous said...

great entry indeed!

and its ok that it took some time, since I knew it was in safe place ;),

the book is looking great indeed

Anonymous said...

watching this tho I realized I improved a good bunch since I started that one, perhaps because of the cheap use of collage I did there... but I was thinking about how cool is sometimes that books take time to do their trip since you entry "ages" and you can see your own evolution, dunno if I explained properly :p

Marty Harris said...

Thanks, fellas.

You all should check out these painters. I think you might enjoy.

Riccardo & Giovanni Tomassi Ferroni

Scott Harris

Marty Harris said...

I am so impressed by how Lynne merged José's style with hers. It's a marvel! Actually, I think it is interesting that images clearly done by different artists in apparently different styles manage to visually link together so well. Lynne pulls in the red line and the photo collage, Joyce recalls the lines in the buildings and the open moly paper, and mine seems to match the contrast in José's photos.

Hmm. I like this book.

Kristin said...

You submitted a piece "USA RW&B" to the Altered Esthetics "Politi-Pop" show, but didn't leave an email address to contact you.
Please email me:

Thank you. Wonderful piece.

Ramires said...

I received this book yesterday.
It's a beautiful art piece.

Marty, your brother's paintings are fantastic, such talented family :-)))I'm realy impressed