Monday, August 10, 2009

Wolf Rider

My entry on lynne's book, I wanted to do greyscale like the rest but this is what I got... believe it or not im not too good with acrylics doing mixes

anyway, ill be sending both books to lynne asap, hope you like!


cristiano said...


Lynne said...

wow ! I am so happy....the whole book looks amazing, and yours is a perfect entry, the colour range fits so well....thank you !! :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks cristiano!

glad that you like it lynne, I found that lately im extending my entrys a lot without even realizing , I took like 5 pages here :P

Lynne said...

no problems with makes an epic ending :-)

Occam`s razor said...

WOW, this is fabulous Jose!!
the way you paint looks amazing.

and oh my god our group is going really well

Ramires said...

Fantastic! Did you use knife to paint?, I love the texture, the palette, and I think you mix acrylics so well :-)Great!
Congratulations Jose and Lynne.

Marty Harris said...

Good work brother. Fabulous entry. I enjoy the effort that appears in the painting. As beautiful as your image is, it doesn't look like it came easy. Isee lots of layers. I like the background with the car and the building. They make it all look like part of a film.

Anonymous said...

No Ramires I used just pencil but Marty go it right

it took me a lot of time to get this right
at the very start I had a forest, then I came up with the idea of a girl on the top of a wolf, then I had an "ok" girl but the wolf was crap... after a lot of rework I came with this wolf and then I didnt like the forest... :P

aye it was hard, anyway about the knife, I've heard a lot about painting oil or acrylic with (i've heard espatula but im thinking why knife is also cool, easier for the details) and I wanna try that at some point

Ramires said...

Great, in any case it is a fantastic painting, how Marty said the layer are very rich.
I prefer to use brushes but knifes - ou espátula em português e español - is a nice experience too, is diferent to mix and to make transparences, but so nice to work with heavy body acrylics.

Lynne said...

Jose have you posted these books yet? should I keep my eyes open?

A question about our continuing molys ( I have bought my new one already :-) ) are we going to make traces all through the book to encourage integration....... I suppose what I am saying is shall I get on with my new book now and how much shall I do ? :-)

Occam`s razor said...

so is this moly already fulled?
or you wanna keep the left pages and starting a new one?

BTW, Lynne, I`ll be moving from the middle of September, but you still send the molys to my old address, I`ll talk to you more later


Lynne said...

Joyce I think that there will only be a few pages left in my book,so I may do a 'closing' addition myself......I sort of understood that we would be going straight into our new project as soon as our own books had returned to us.

Lynne said...

this moly has arrived safe and sound.....thank you all, I love all of the work so much ! :-)
Now I will get to work on Ramires's book.....can I check please what is the theme?

Ramires said...

Lynne, nice to know about your beautiful book , My book don't have a specific theme, please surpriseme with your spontaneous and fantastic art, like Cristiano and Jose did. Thank you very much .