Thursday, July 9, 2009


My entry to Marty`s USA moly

What I know about USA are mostly from television and hollywood movies since I was little.

I was born in the end 80's, my parents were very busy teaching druing that time, they rarely took me out so I was mostly setting at home watching cartoons(and drawing..), like Disney and Hanna-Barbera, also I was reading comics like Batman and Spiderman(espcially Batman), when I was getting a little bit older like six or seven, ER and The X-files(jeez I miss their huuge cellphone) were just on the televsion, these two are the first American show I watched, then I started getting to know what`s USA like(I know it`s not accurated but... hey I was just a kid), before that I thought USA is a place like you see in cartoons.
The very first movie I saw was Batman Returns(1992) also Indiana Jones, and I`m gonna say the Catwoman was pretty freaky me out at that time.

well anyway I hope you like it Marty, I rarely really draw something colorful so hope you won`t mind if the pages are too colorful.....

by the way I`ve been USA only once for visiting my cousin in NYC, I was really amazed by the urban art there, which is also my inspiration from.


Marty Harris said...

I am breathless. *gasp* Gorgeous!!

I need to get some crayons to color my entry in.

Joyce, thank you SO much. So cool. I can't wait to hold this book in my hands. I don't think that we'll have any trouble getting into this USA themed show here in October. Batman is a particularly dark and American character. And Indy, he's the classic cowboy/spy character.

Masterpiece of illustration.

ksklein said...

Joyce, this one is phantastic. I´m so envious of Marty who will receive this great moly. I´m a fan of Batman and you really really got him great. I´m impressed.

Joyce, you must be getting bored by my comments. They must always sound the same to you, but you know that I´m impressed by your art.

Lynne said...

Super heroes!!! what a great idea....lucky lucky Marty. and Joyce , the colour balance looks perfect to me....

Lynne said...

I have just realised..... thats the first round of your book Marty...its coming home to you. Are we going another round? are there enough pages?

Occam`s razor said...

Awww thank you Marty and Kerstin, I really appreciate that :D

I rarely draw in colored cuz I`m more comfortable with drawing B&W, drawing colored is quite a challenge for me, I never get the human skin color right..

um, no many pages left actually, there`re 2 and a half spread(which is 5 pages including the very last page) left in Marty`s book. Are we going another round Marty?

Marty Harris said...

Very efficient group, almost sadly so. So many groups never finish their books, this one finishes so quickly. Good people and good themes.

I am all for continuing, though I know that a couple of you have joined new groups and will have lots of work to do. It is okay to let a group end well. As far as my book goes, I kinda like the idea of starting it and ending it. Thank you all. It is incredible. I'm going to show it off to anyone who will give me a moment.

You know, I still would like to see each of us start a book with our own country as the theme. A Brasil book, Taiwan, Italy, UK, another USA book (?). Can I interest you all in that. This would motivate me to learn a little more about your countries, and we could hang out together a little longer.

Ramires said...

I don't have adjectives enough to describe that work ! In Brasil we talk a popular quote: "fechar com chave de ouro" means something like "close with a golden key". I agree with Marty, is wonderful masterpiece.
I love all of that book, congratulations Marty :-)
I like the Marty's "Country books" Idea, let's do that in 54 group? I love the diversity and great talent of you all.

Ramires said...

Joyce, sorry for my late, I still have your book inside a box with all of my art materials, my new studio is not ready, but I hope can start work tomorrow .

Occam`s razor said...

Thank you Ramires
I was tryin' to use acrylic at first before using prisma but couldn`t paint as well as you..
and don`t worry! take ya time and I`m looking forward your entry ;)

Anonymous said...

what can I say

simply amazing =)

nad yes im up for another round

Occam`s razor said...

I sent off the book week ago
let me know when you get the book Marty.

Marty Harris said...

I got the book in the mail today. It is indeed breathtaking. I'm showing it off around work today. Thank you all SO much. It is incredible. I will finish it off, about 5 pages to go. Maybe I will invite someone else to make an entry. Seem an anti climax to finish my own book.

Every entry is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.