Saturday, March 7, 2009

And the circus leaves town

Sorry for the delay, here is the entry (not the bests pics possible tbh):

First 3 pages are mine and my friend did the other 3, totally freakstyle, myself im happy with the result hope cristiano likes it aswell!

This is how it looks all together more or less:


pd: forgot one important thing! to credit the guest collaborator!:

Bone :


Lynne said...

Wow!!! Those are exciting pages.....really great! :-))

Occam`s razor said...

DAMN why it wasn`t my book!!!

cristiano said...

Funny works! I'm very happy for my CircusMoly!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot guys

glad that you like the entry and the surprise collaboration :D

Marty Harris said...

Love this book. Love this project.

Anonymous said...

forgot something, fixed now

Lynne said...

Hooray, this arrived on my doorstep today , and it is even better in real life :-) I am going to have fun!!