Friday, January 9, 2009

Your city

Sorry for the delay I have my entry ready finally, I thought of going with the my country theme but changed my mind and I planned to do zombies, but then I got several other projects that included zombies so finally I went for this: Your city
As it says everybody is invited to paint, do a collage (I did some here, mostly the girls and some buildings) about his city, actually you are invited to do anything you want aslong it is related to your city, or actually any city you like
I painted the first page aswell, so it matches the rest before you pass it
in my case the city is where I live now, Pineda de Mar, a city which is only alive the months of the summer, is just a small coastal town that lives off turism, with the beach and few things more, but the rent was cheap here and its close to work so thats why I live here

hope you like, btw I dont have the adress of lyanne, ill send a mail trought flickr see if I can get this sent tomorrow
im gonna work abit more on the backgrounds by now but this is pretty much the final look of it ;)


Lynne said...

I really don't have a city.... I am quite rural, I live in a small village , will my village do? not very exciting.....I could do the nearest city to me..........
I have sent a flickr mail with my address :-)

Occam`s razor said...

I think it`s a pretty cool theme! though I never spend much attention about the place I live..., this would be a good chance for me:)
like the color you use! did you use different colored ink? or they are actually markers?

cristiano said...

Hola Jose.
I like your pages!

send me your address that I send you my molycircus.

Anonymous said...

Lynne: small village sounds good aswell =)
Occam: those are markers, and some watercolor pencils also
Cristiano: oki ill send you the adress asap :)

Anonymous said...

the moly is on the way to UK already lynne =)

pearpicker said...

hey everybody.

i'm afraid to say, that i won't find the time for this moly-exchange.
there's so much going on right now in my life and i have to prepare so much for my semester in south-korea...and i'm already in another moly_x_group...that's too much at the moment.
it's a pity, but i see no other way right now.
please take me out of the group.
thanks and much success for you all.

Lynne said...

Cirus It has arrived safely at my little village :-)

I am sorry that pearpicker is no longer with us, but it is so good of him to let us know....