Wednesday, December 31, 2008

US of A

Finally! I will send it along to Ramires. Please try to make your entries mostly RED, WHITE & Blue. Thanks. Please speak your mind.


Lynne said...

wow! thats such an energetic start!.....this is going to be fascinating

Anonymous said...

I like the color limitation, rather than a limitation its gonna make it look really cool when all the pages are filled

Anonymous said...

oh by the way, im missing the invitation for the group I think, cant make entries at the moment ;)

cristiano said...

Hello to everybody


Excuse me for my absence.
Starting today I will be more present:)
Meanwhile happy new year!

Lynne said...

oh dear cristiano has taken his photo down....I think there has been some confusion

Occam`s razor said...

I can`t wait to see other `s work in the book! It`s gotta be very interesting!

I always enjoy seeing Marty`s blue ink works~

cristiano said...

Hello Lynne!

I have taken away the drawing because the theme USA is for the book of Marty.

if My theme is MUSIC my drawing could be right. Or not?

Otherwise choose another thought I would do a series of portraits of friends who work in the circuses.

Lynne said...

cristiano, I think the theme of music would be a fantastic one !!! but you know, I dont think that Marty was saying you couldn't do the USA, I think he was saying that you didn't have to do it.......

I still think music would be great.....and your pages are already so good it would be a shame not to use them :-)

Marty Harris said...

Hey Cristiano. Please save this Cash image. Please keep it posted. You could cut it out of the book, and paste it into my book. Then you can put your book back together and use it for "portraits of friends who work in the circuses". Many of us have cut boos apart and put them back together.

I am sorry for the confusion. Mi dispiace. I would love Cash in my book.